Alan Sugar of The Apprentice

The most intense interview process returns to the BBC tonight and Alan Sugar will once again take centre stage by chastising and firing candidates that aren’t quite up to scratch until he finds his star apprentice. This will be the 11th series of The Apprentice and we will meet more of Britain’s most ambitious, engaging and often somewhat deluded group […]

Full-Time Analyst EMEA

Do you have a passion and drive for new and exciting technologies with the knowledge to research and analyse the way it all works? If you have the brains and technical expertise to hone your skills at the forefront of technology then Citi are looking for someone like you.

Post image for ‘A’ level results: No matter what the outcome, the opportunity is greatest in Technology.

August 13 marks ‘A’ level results day. It’s a day that fills students and parents alike with an overwhelming sense of dread and anticipation. The lead up is often tense, with the day itself delivering a range of emotions depending on what that envelope holds for you. However, whether you got the grades you were hoping for or not, a […]

What Does an Engineer look Like?

by Charlotte Attwood on August 6, 2015

in IT news

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This week thousands of female engineers have taken to Twitter to refute the common misconception that all engineers are men. Using the hashtag #iLookLikeAnEngineer, women working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) associated industries have been posting pictures of themselves letting the world know what they do for a living. The campaign came to fruition after an advert aimed […]

Post image for Proposed iRights could protect future generations against social media mishaps

Have you ever posted something online that you instantly regretted? Most of us have, whether it be a photo of an alcohol fuelled night out or a ranting twitter status about your rival football team. These undesirable pictures and statuses can blight job prospects and university offers. Even if you manage to delete the troublesome post from your page, it […]

Top tips for a Skype interview

by Charlotte Attwood on June 4, 2015

in Finding a New job

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Skype interviews are fairly different to your normal face to face interview so we’ve put together a few too tips to help you prepare. You may think Skype interviews are easier but to be honest, they can be just as tough and there are a few things to make sure you cover before and during the interview to make sure […]

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